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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
I'm Stepping Out...
My attempt to qualify for the WSOP ended the other night on step 4 of 6. It was a decent idea to give it a shot, and I only bought in once for $11+1. My game at the moment is in a SnG kind of mood, if you know what I mean.

Finding a Step 1-2 game on Party isn't particularly hard. There seems to be 5-6 running at any given moment. Step 3 was a little harder to find a game for, but nothing compared to step 4 (and up I presume). I'd go on but it's not as interesting as what I really want to get to.

I noticed one player, going by "Gamboholic_" that seemed to be playing a lot of the steps single tables. Which I thought was quite odd. Then I decided to look a little closer. I found this user playing simultaneously on a Steps 5 and 6, while waiting for a game to start on a Steps 3 and 4. That's some pretty intense Sit and Go action if you ask me.

A few people chatted during the games saying that it's a bot. I don't know if it's a bot or not. The user in question's play was solid, and I have a hard time believing a bot could play that well.

My Theory:
I think Party might be filling a few of the seats in the mid-upper steps with people playing, but not collecting. I guess you could say a prop, but one who's main purpose is to prevent as many people as possible from advancing in the Steps, thereby reducing the number of WSOP packages that they'll have to give away.

Do I have any proof. Nope, just an educated guess on my part.

Speaking of the WSOP package that is offered to the winner of a Step 6 table, this is what it says on Party's pages.

"There are 6 Steps to the top where a fabulous WSOP package worth $13,500 awaits the winner."

That's it, it doesn't say a word about a buyin to the main event, or any event for that matter. Seems kind of purposefully vague to me.

Monday, May 02, 2005
Home Game
I'm in a home game. It's about 4-5 of us who actually know how to play the game with at least a skill level above a mouth breathing retard. The other 2-4 seats are filled currently by friends/family who are kind of in the "figuring the game out" mode.

It's all fun, and we play SnG style with a $2-5 buyin, nothing extravagent.

But I have to comment on Jessica (name changed to protect the fish). When she first started playing, I commented one night over beers that she would be easy to read. You have to know her, but it's true. I barely remember the comment, probably because of the massive amount of liquor I had coursing through my veins, but I do remember the conversation.

Jessica has taken this comment to heart, and has done everything she can possibly do to try and prevent me from "reading her" during our games. It's pure comedy at this point. She's putting on her best straight face, yet still has those darting eyes. And it's not like we're in any of those so called "Looking into your soul" moments. This is during normal play!

I don't have the heart to tell her that her face is the last thing I'm thinking about when playing her. It's all about the betting, and her actions with her hands (the ones attached to her arms).

Thank God for poker on TV. The make it seem like if you're a "people person", you'll have no problem at the table.

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