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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
The First Story (ya gotta start somewhere) Part II
So you may ask, "Why PartyPoker? Site XXX is much better, has a better bonus, or has a better interface." The simple answer is...I don't know. I guess since I'd been playing the free tables on Party, I was familiar with the interface.

I'm not sure where I wanted to gamble first. I dig around a little bit, and discover these things called Sit and Go's (or for the more conservative Baptists out there, Sin and Go's). What a perfect way to practice up for the Freeze Out tournament tomorrow.

My first Sit and Go was pretty unmemorable. I didn't cash. But what where these people doing? There weren't three all-ins on the first hand. We actually made it to level three. What the hell was going on??? Welcome to poker for real money, not play chips.

I win the second SnG I play, and place second in another. In hindsite, this prepared me more for the live tourney I was playing in tomorrow than anything else (with the exception of reading Super System maybe). I hit the sack, and had dreams of monster pots coming my way tomorrow.

More to come...

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