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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Hellmuth implodes again...
Paul Phillips has some interesting info about Phil Hellmuth's AA getting busted by Chad Layne's T9s.


From Mike Paulle's Poker Blog

Nothing happening, sorry. Except for David Pham and Jean-Robert Bellande jawing at each other.No new famous exits. The chips are barely moving.The table told me that Phil Hellmuth underbet his Aces that's why he lost. I may have to upgrade the tantrum index, though, as Chad Layne said that the names Phil called were "unbelievible" lol. How this guy has avoided being punched out amazes me.

Imagine playing 10 9 suited! Phil Hellmuth couldn't imagine that someone was call him with trash like that! Phil is out to Chad Layne when Chad flopped two 9's for trips while Phil had pocket Aces. Not much of a tantrum by Hellmuth standards. I rate it a 3 on his 10 scale."

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